Automation using excel (VBA)

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Original Price: S$400
After Funding: $152 - $232
Virtual Live Online / Physical Classroom

This course is designed for learners who wish to render complex tasks simple and enables companies to quickly and accurately repeat processes that conserve time, money, and effort. Automation is also the key to updating legacy business processes (and systems) in a way that seamlessly works with contemporary ones for detailed analytics, data science, and Business Intelligence.

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1. Saturday, 29th Apr 2023 (9AM to 6PM Weekend Class)

2. Saturday, 27th May 2023 (9AM to 6PM Weekend Class)

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Basic English Literacy
Basic knowledge of Excel would be beneficial for this workshop.

What you'll learn

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to work VBA and develop automation macros on Excel. Being able to perform automation on Excel allows tasks to be simplified and processes to be made more efficient.

Through this course, participants can learn that VBA is a powerful tool on Excel for Automation and can help simplify processes efficiently at a small scale. 

Key Takeaways:

After going through the course, participants will:
● Be able to create simple automation flows on Excel
● Be able to make processes more efficient
● Be able to write simple VBA code to build macros
● Experience varying business cases from different perspectives

Course Duration


Including 1 hour of Assessment

Have a look
Course Outline

In this module, learners will get a brief historical evaluation and introduction
to Automation. They will also understand when and why businesses choose
to use automation and how the processes can be enhanced using

In this module, learners will learn to use macros and how to record using

In this module, the learners will learn about various automation tools in the

After the course

Post course participant perks!

● Up to two weeks post course support
● Access to a Telegram channel with like-minded people and course alumni
● Access to our job placement partners

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Funding Information

*Participants need to meet the attendance and assessment requirements to be eligible for the funding

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