Amazon Web Services & Introduction to DevOps

Cloud has become the go-to place today for storage, computation, security, analytics and many other services. The cloud is disrupting the analytics industry and taking over processes and applications by storm! This course helps you understand the fundamentals of AWS and the DevOps lifecycle.

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What you'll learn

The workshop will provide a basic understanding of the nuances and elements of the Cloud and DevOps, different components of the amazon web services and how one can deploy an application quickly and easily to the cloud. The workshop will comprise of a hands-on session, wherein participants will get an opportunity to build an application and deploy an application on the cloud.

About this course

Here are a few of the takeaways that participants will gain:

Participants will understand how the cloud functions and the different components of the cloud in general.

Understand the basic DevOps lifecycle.

Understand how Amazon Web Services works as a cloud provider.

Have exposure to the different services provided by the Amazon cloud platform.

Perform hands-on and create a simple application on the cloud.

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Course Duration

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Course Plan

This section covers the traditional SDLC, its drawbacks and how the modern software methodologies help to optimize the development and maintenance process. This includes:

Traditional Software Development Life Cycle

Transitioning to Modern Software Development Life Cycle

Scrum & Agile Methodology

End to end DevOps Workflow

DevOps Toolsets

Working with DevOps Tools (Demos)

Cloud today is fast becoming one of the most important components of any software system. This section covers the basic components of the cloud using Amazon Web Services as the cloud software provider, how an application can be built and deployed on the cloud very quickly and the advantages of using the cloud as part of a software system. This includes:

Introduction to the Cloud and its Types

Introduction to Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing

AWS Account Basics

Basic components of Amazon Web Services

Compute, Storage, Networking on AWS

Sample AWS Application Architectures

Deploying an end to end Cloud Application (Hands-on)

AWS Security Features

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