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Original Price: S$650
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Virtual Live Online / Physical Classroom

This course is designed for learners who wish to use Microsoft Excel effectively in the business and at home. You will learn how use the various formulas and functions, create charts and tables to manage, transform and analyse data. In addition, learners will be able to select appropriate visualisation techniques to translate data insights into visual and narrative formats into compelling messages and reflect data findings.

Upcoming Runs!

1. Saturday 8th October & Saturday 15th October (9AM – 6PM Weekend Class) – Virtual Live Online

2. Saturday 5th Nov & Saturday 12th Nov (9AM – 6PM Weekend Class) – Virtual Live Online

3. Thursday 1st December & Friday 2nd December (9AM – 6PM Weekday Class) – Virtual Live Online

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Course Schedule

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  • Start Date: Saturday, 8th Oct, 2022
  • End Date: Saturday, 15th Oct, 2022
  • Available Spots: 20


Basic English Literacy

What you'll learn

This course provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel. Participants will learn to work with the Excel interface, apply basics functions and formula, learn to create simple charts and understand features that can help them work with data more efficiently.

Through this course, participants can learn that Excel is a powerful tool as well and can apply their basic learning in day to day tasks.

After going through this course, participants can confidently move on to the next advanced level of Excel.

Key Takeaways:

After going through the course, participants will:
● Be able to work with basic functions on Excel
● Be able to understand why Excel Functions are powerful
● Be able to apply functions on simple data
● Be able to create charts and explain data better
● Be able to have a grasp over how to use Excel for day-to-day tasks

Course Duration


Including 2 hours of Assessment

Have a look
Course Outline
  • In this module the learners will recap the main parts of the Excel Interface and learn the basic shortcuts required to navigate around Excel easily
  • In this module the learners will learn about the basic formulae and functions used in Microsoft Excel.
  • In this module the learners will learn about various data transformation functions and will be able to apply the relevant function based on their use case with their own data
  • In this module the learners will learn the various lookup functions like VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. The learners will also learn IFERROR to handle errors
  • In this module the learners will get a hands-on experience working on pivot table and the various components of pivot tables. The learners will also learn how to create charts which can further be used to create dashboards.
  •  In this module the learners will learn about features in Excel that can enhance data reports and analyse data to gather business insights.

After the course

Post course participant perks!

● Up to two weeks post course support
● Access to a Telegram channel with like-minded people and course alumni
● Access to our job placement partners

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Funding Information

*Participants need to meet the attendance and assessment requirements to be eligible for the funding

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