Coding For Kids

Xaltius helps kids develop their logical and cognitive abilities through interactive and engaging coding workshops

The Learning Journey

An Off-Screen to On-Screen approach

Our approach to helping our students learn is to first develop their understanding and enhance their abilities off-screen by interacting with the students, engaging in fun activities, using flash cards and subsequently taking this learning on-screen to help the student learn to program and code.

We believe that understanding the concepts in the real world is far more important initially, than knowing everything on a computer!

This method has been proven to enhance the students abilities much higher than just working on-screen!

Preschool: Ages 5-6

ScratchJr: Beginners Camp

ScratchJr introduces the concept of programming using blocks. Through this course students gain exposure to the basic constructs and application of programming through fun characters, interactive activities and exciting games. Students will learn the concept of motion, orientation and awareness.

ScratchJr: Advanced Camp

This camp enables kids to learn the more advanced concepts of programming using blocks. Elements of multiple characters, advanced motion, dialogues will enable the student to enhance his logical and cognitive ability.

ScratchJr: Project Camp

Have fun with games, animations, characters in this project camp where the student will be engaged in using their cognitive and creative abilities to create amazing stories. This workshop focuses on areas of computer science that early childhood education does not include actively.

Hopscotch Camp

In this fun-filled camp, children will learn the advanced concepts of block-based programming and work towards enhancing creativity, critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills that are valuable for lifelong learning.

Primary: Ages 7-10

Scratch: Beginners Camp

This camp is a fun and interactive way to learn the concepts of programming using blocks, interactive stories, games and animations. Children will learn a variety of computer science topics, revise numeracy skills, apply logical skills and improve cognitive skills. Learning scratch will allow the children to learn basic to intermediate programming structures and allow them to proceed to learn more complex programming such as HTML and Python.

Scratch: Intermediate camp

This camp allows students to enhance their previous programming skills learnt in Scratch: Beginner Camp using more complex blocks, programming multiple characters and performing event driven actions. Completing this camp will allow students to understand the fundamentals of programming better and hone their logical and cognitive ability.

Scratch: Advanced Camp

Students who have gone through the beginner and intermediate camp learn advanced programming concepts such as loops, conditions, events during this advanced camp which helps the student develop concrete programming concepts and students will be ready to code based programming tools and languages.

Secondary: Ages 11 upwards

Interactive Web: HTML + CSS + Javascript

This camp is a fun and interactive way to learn the basic concept of how to create web pages that we see today! The workshops will introduce the fundamental concepts of HTML, CSS & Javascript which form the backbone of any interactive web page. The world wide web is also growing and it gives students an opportunity to tap onto the growing community and learn programming!

MIT App Inventor Camp

Fascinated by smartphone applications? Do you want to learn how to build them quickly and in a fun way?! This camp teaches you just how to do that! This workshop is a chance for participants to build their first app for smartphone or tablet.

Python 101: Beginner Camp

Students will be introduced to Python during the period of this camp. Through engaging lessons, hands-on and games, students will understand the programming concepts on Python and become comfortable with logical and computational thinking. Students who successfully complete this camp will demonstrate a strong understanding of the Python syntax as well as the ability to create small projects using their own code.

Python 201: Advanced Camp

Students in this camp will be exposed to the more advanced concepts on Python including object oriented programming, handling data and creating simple and interactive charts and graphs. Students graduating through this camp will be able to use Python to perform intermediate to complex operations and become familiar with the syntax of the programming language.