Data Analysis with PowerbI

This is a beginner to intermediate course to help you understand the nuances of data visualization and storytelling in Power BI along with some amazing features to enhance your reporting experience.

Basic knowledge of Excel would be beneficial for this workshop.

What you'll learn

This Power BI course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to work with and analyse data using Power BI. This workshop will allow participants to use Power BI Desktop to connect to various data sources, shape that data, and use that model to create reports. Through this Power BI workshop, participants can learn that Power BI Desktop centralizes, simplifies, and streamlines what can otherwise be a scattered, disconnected, and arduous process of designing and creating business intelligence repositories and reports.

About this course

Data Analysis with Power BI is a beginner to intermediate course in understanding how to use the tool to create amazing visualizations to explain data to managers, stakeholders and fellow peers.

Attendees will better understand how to:

Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources

Define business rules and KPIs

Explore your data with powerful visualization tools

Build stunning reports

Share your dashboards with your team and/or the world

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Course Duration

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Course Plan

A quick history of Business Intelligence and Analytics

The development of Self-Service Business Intelligence

Introducing the Power BI suite

Power BI Service, Power BI desktop & Power BI Mobile

Introduction to Data Sources

What Data Sources can be used with PowerBI

Understanding the data, you import

Understanding and defining the business problem

Creating tables of data to use in PowerBI

Append multiple files

Data Cleaning and Data Transformation

Understanding Data Model

Understanding Relationships between the different tables

Overview of Visualizations

Creating and working with Visualizations

Creating a Bar Charts, Column Charts, Line Charts, and other visualizations

Understanding Focus Mode


Data Labels, Titles & Data Colors

Backgrounds and Borders

Aligning visualizations

What is the right size for a visualization?

Creating a Slicer

Understanding and using the visualization pane for filtering

Creating Visual Field filters

Creating Top N Filters

Adding page level filters

Why are Visual Interactions used in PowerBI? Why are they useful?

Types of Visual Interactions

Using Visual Interactions across different visualizations


Create Map Based Visualizations

Create a Gauge and Tree Map Visualizations

Importing Custom Visualizations

How do you choose the right visualization?

Creating a report

Adding Multiple Pages to your Reports

Building a narrative in your report

Adding Shapes, Images & Text Boxes to reports

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