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Original Price: S$750
After Funding: S$285 - S$435
Virtual Live Online / Physical Classroom

This course is designed for learners who work with and analyze data through the use of Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is a business analytics service from Microsoft that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities for end users to create their own reports and dashboards. This course will introduce the various functions and features used in Power BI for users to familiarize themselves with the software interface.

Upcoming Runs!

1. Thursday 20th Apr & Friday 21st Apr 2023 (9AM – 6PM Weekday Class)

2. Saturday 13th May & Saturday 20th May 2023 (9AM – 6PM Weekend Class)

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Basic English Literacy
Basic knowledge of Excel

What you'll learn

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to work with and analyze data with business cases using Microsoft PowerBI. Participants will learn to use PowerBI Desktop to connect to various data sources, shape the data, use data models and create interactive reports.

Through this PowerBI course, participants can learn that Power BI Desktop centralizes, simplifies, and streamlines what can otherwise be a scattered, disconnected, and arduous process of designing and creating business intelligence repositories and reports.

Key Takeaways:

After going through the course, participants will:
● Be able to Identify Business Organisation KPIs
● Be able to wrestle in data from a variety of sources
● Be able to control the transformation of data
● Be able to design beautiful and interactive visuals
● Be able to have a grasp over business intelligence
● Be able to build informative and powerful dashboards
● Experience varying business cases from different perspectives

At the end of the course, you’ll learn how to build data-driven report and subsequently you will be able to build similar reports like procurement analytics, financial analytics or microfinance analytics for your business. 

Course Duration


Including 2 hours of Assessment

Have a look
Course Outline
  • – A quick history of Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • – The development of Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • – Introducing the Power BI suite
  • – Power BI Service, Power BI desktop & Power BI Mobile
  • – Introduction to Data Sources
  • – What Data Sources can be used with PowerBI?
  • – Understanding the data you import
  • – Understanding and defining the business problem
  • – Creating tables of data to use in PowerBI
  • – Appending multiple files
  • – Data Cleaning and Data Transformation
  • – Understanding Data Model
  • – Understanding Relationships between the different tables
  • – Overview of Visualizations
  • – Creating and working with Visualizations
  • – Creating a Bar Charts, Column Charts, Line Charts, and other visualizations
  • – Understanding Focus Mode
  • – Axes, Data Labels, Titles & Data Colors
  • – Backgrounds and Borders
  • – Aligning visualizations
  • – What is the right size for a visualization?
  • – Creating a Slicer
  • – Understanding and using the visualization pane for filtering
  • – Creating Visual Field filters
  • – Creating Top N Filters
  • – Adding page level filters
  • – Why are Visual Interactions used in PowerBI? Why are they useful?
  • – Types of Visual Interactions
  • – Using Visual Interactions across different visualizations
  • – Create Map Based Visualizations
  • – Create a Gauge and Tree Map Visualizations
  • – Importing Custom Visualizations
  • – How do you choose the right visualization?
  • – Creating a report
  • – Adding Multiple Pages to your Reports
  • – Building a narrative in your report
  • – Adding Shapes, Images & Text Boxes to reports

After the course

Post course participant perks!

● Up to two weeks post course support
● Access to a Telegram channel with like-minded people and course alumni
● Access to our job placement partners

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Funding Information

*Participants need to meet the attendance and assessment requirements to be eligible for the funding



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