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Looking to boost your career in the field of Cybersecurity? Look no further than Xaltius’ Cybersecurity Course in the Philippines. Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Training in the Philippines is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become experts in the field of Cybersecurity.

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Master CyberSecurity with Cryptography, Systems Security, Network Security, Application Security and other important topics!

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Level up Your Career with Xaltius' Cybersecurity Course in the Philippines

Through our Cybersecurity Course in Philippines, you will learn about various aspects of Cybersecurity, including threat detection and response, risk assessment, network security, ethical hacking, and more. Our expert instructors will guide you through each module, providing practical, real-world examples to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in the Cybersecurity industry.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, our Cybersecurity Course in Philippines is the perfect way to fast-track your career in the world of cyber security. Upon completion of our Cybersecurity Training in Philippines, you will receive a Cybersecurity certification that is recognized by top companies and organizations around the world.

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About the Cybersecurity Certification Course

Cybersecurity Certification is becoming increasingly important as cyber threats continue to rise. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Cybersecurity, obtaining a Cybersecurity Certification is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field. In the Philippines, Xaltius provides a variety of certification courses and programs available to help you achieve your certification. These Cybersecurity Certification courses cover a wide range of topics, including threat detection and response, network security, risk assessment, ethical hacking, and more.

By completing a Cybersecurity Certification program in the Philippines, you will gain a deeper understanding of Cybersecurity and be better equipped to protect your organization’s digital assets. A Cybersecurity Certification is also highly valued by employers, as it demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to work in this field.

When choosing a Cybersecurity Certification program in the Philippines, it’s important to look for a program that is recognized by top companies and organizations in the industry. You should also consider the type of Cybersecurity Certification that you want to obtain, as there are different levels of certification available, including entry-level, intermediate, and advanced. Our course provides you the right blend of knowledge to help you kickstart your career in this field.

Whether you’re just starting your career in Cybersecurity or looking to advance to the next level, a Cybersecurity Certification in the Philippines can help you achieve your goals. With the right Cybersecurity Certification program, you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing field.

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

Introduction to Cybersecurity, Network Defense Tools, Web Application Tools, Introduction to Cybercrime

Computer Networks, Network Standards, Network Security, Python for Cybersecurity

Computational Number Theory and Cryptography, Information Security Assurance, Security Analysis and Reporting, Cyberspace and its Governance

Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Analysis, Malware Threats, DoS and various other concepts!

Applying the skills learnt to a wide variety of areas such as wireless networks, web servers, web applications and others.

2 Months Project Internship in which you will build multiple real-world projects and be mentored by industry professionals

– LinkedIn Profile Building

– Resume Building

– Interview Preparation


Program Highlights

Live projects

With hands on Cybersecurity projects, apply your skills to a wide range of applications to solve real-world problems.

Experienced Faculties

Learn from the best minds in the industry. We also have a A:B student to instructor ration to ensure close interaction with faculty and access to support.

Certified Internship

Join us for a 2-months certified internship and be right at the heart of the action at the start of a new era.

1 on 1 Mentorship

We strongly believe in the power of mentoring. We offer one-on-one mentoring to individuals and train others to be effective mentors in their own organization.

Employability Enhancement

To produce skilled and employable manpower as per industry requirement. Mentors at the Xaltius Academy will ensure all the support you need in the Industry 4.0.

Career Counselling Support

If you are looking for a Cybersecurity course with career counselling assistance, this is the right course you to hone your soft skills as well!

Get Ahead with Xaltius’ Cybersecurity Certificate!

Certificate of Completion for the 6 Months Program

Internship Certificate from Participating Companies

Letter of Recommendation

Cybersecurity Training FAQs

Certifications are important in the field of Cybersecurity in the Philippines because they demonstrate a professional’s knowledge and expertise and are recognized by top companies and organizations.

The average salary of a Cyber Security professional in the Philippines is around PHP 550,000 per year.

Major companies hiring for Cybersecurity professionals in the Philippines include Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.

The major industries in the Philippines include Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.

With a Cybersecurity certificate, individuals can pursue job roles such as Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Consultant, and Information Security Manager.

The Cybersecurity job market in the Philippines is growing rapidly due to increasing cyber threats and the need for skilled professionals.

The important features of the Xaltius Cybersecurity course include hands-on training, real-world projects, and expert guidance from industry professionals.

The course completion certificate is valid for life! There is no expiry on the certificate.

You can enroll for the Cybersecurity course by visiting the Xaltius website and filling out the enrollment form.

Yes, Xaltius provides practice exams related to the Cybersecurity course to help you prepare for assessments and certifications.